Paid Per Click Advertising

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

The benefit of running a PPC campaign alongside an optimisation campaign is you are given that instant visibility you are wanting, whilst your optimisation is working in the background. You then have the option to reduce your AdWords campaign when you have the organic listings to counteract the loss in traffic. Although, many of our customers maintain the AdWords campaign so they are dominating that first page of Google.

The more you appear on the first page, the more real estate you own on the first page of Google which will make it difficult for your customers to miss you.

Paid search, commonly referred to as PPC, is a way to achieve first page listings immediately, either from the launch of a new website or to generate new business for an existing website. It helps by directly reaching those customers who are looking for your products and/or services. We will help turn your campaigns into lead generation machines 
The main motive of a PPC Campaign is to bring potential customers to your website on the same day. Our in-house team have managed PPC campaigns for a number of years now and during this time have developed a wealth of knowledge on how each campaign needs to be managed differently, in order to achieve the greatest results.

PPC Proposition

At Be Creative Design we tailor a Pay Per Click campaign that’s right for you, we research the industry in which you are within, by analysing your competitors and industry sector. From this we can then create a PPC account which meets the needs and requirements for the campaign.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions play a major role for the PPC campaign, Ad Extensions inspire your ad text and allow you the opportunity to be more prominent over your competitors. If you aren't currently using Ad Extensions then your competitors may have the advantage over you, as Ad Extensions play a large part in the bidding landscape.

Composing Adcopy

Your adverts must have strong calls to action implemented, as well as being focused to the Ad group’s landing pages and keywords on your website. You must also continually test your Ad group’s to ensure you are bringing the right traffic to your website, whilst trying to pay the lowest cost possible for that particular advert.


Keywords are a very important factor for any Pay Per Click campaign, as the last thing you want is your PPC campaign wasting money on keywords that are ineffective and not bringing you business, at Be Creative we constantly review keywords and their performance to maximise the results from each campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertising for you?

Be Creative can assist in Advertising your business online using Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and more! We are Certified professionals who can spend your investment efficiently to gain more conversions. Call us now on 0845 474 9192 to speak further.
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