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Avoiding Common Landing Page Content Mistakes

Landing pages on your website play a big part in the success of your online marketing campaigns. They are designed to get visitors to take some kind of action on your site. You will have to make the benefits of this clear to the user quickly and concisely if you are to achieve this.

If you’ve been putting your efforts into creating a great landing page but you’re not getting the results you were hoping for, it is time to take a look at your page content.

A lot of businesses make the following mistakes when they are writing landing page content which can lead to a low conversion rate:

Avoid Making Incorrect Assumptions

Some businesses make incorrect assumptions of their potential customers. An example of this is that a lot of marketers think that people generally don’t have much free time. This leads to them writing shorter content for their landing pages. Even though it is true that a lot of people don’t really have lots of time for research when searching for the right product, you need to make sure you are providing enough information about the products or services that you offer or there’s a good chance that they’ll move on to another company. This shows that it is best to do some research into what length of content will work best for your company rather than making the assumption.

Look at Larger Companies like Twitter and LinkedIn

It is always a good idea to get inspiration from largely successful companies such as Google, Facebook or Twitter. But while many people believe that just because the landing pages of Facebook and Twitter do well with just 2 or 3 lines of content, it will work just as well for their business. The reason they do well though is because they are well known companies and their customer base is already familiar with them. So regardless of what content they have on their landing pages, people have already formed an impression and know what to expect from these sites, so they don’t need to spend a lot of time detailing their services or how they work.

This might not be true of your company. You should write content that is tailored to your target customer base and test and improve that content to make sure it perfectly suits your business and your potential customers.

Invest More Time in Writing Your Headlines

A compelling headline can be a powerful tool and significantly affect your conversation rate. Some businesses have improved their conversion rates by over 30% simply by testing headlines. A lot of users only read headlines and just skim over the actual content it’s self before coming to their decision.

Your headline doesn’t always need to be something emotional or hard-hitting. It might just sum up the good points of the services you provide in a concise way. It is always beneficial to experiment with different types of headlines and look at how they affect your conversion rate.

Don’t Present Customers With Too Many Choices

Studies have shown that when customers are presented with a lot of different options, they might become confused. When you don’t give a potential customer the ability to make a quick decision, they might choose to make no decision instead.

This is particularly prevalent with landing page content. A lot of companies provide four to five different options cramped together into a single column. When presented with this many options, a lot of customers might be more likely to leave instead of making a decision.

If you provide a wide range of different products or services, it is best to try to guide your customers towards choosing a right product.

Every company is unique and generic content can’t accurately portray the services you provide. You should be reviewing your content regularly and making changes where appropriate. Keep testing your content until you have a great pitch for your products or services and try to avoid making any of the common errors discussed above in this article.