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Tips To Increase Your Facebook Search Visibility

Increasing your visibility on Facebook is a great way to drive conversions for your company. More and more people are using the platform to search for local businesses and reviews, so here are a few tips to help you to reach more potential customers through Facebook.

1. It is important to make sure “everyone” is selected in your privacy settings to make sure people outside of your immediate friends are able to see your posts. This can be set in privacy settings > search.

2. Keep SEO in mind whenever you are creating status updates, links and notes, not just wall posts. All of these things can be returned in Facebook’s search results.

3. When post blog posts on your wall, make sure to optimize for important keywords. This is particularly important in the title tag of your post. If you include a call to action or contact information in the title tag, that will place all the information potential customers need in the search results rather than requiring an additional click through to your profile or page.

4. While the wider (non-friends) Facebook search definitely matters, Your friends, friends of friends and other networks of people in the local area will often trust you more than others because you are local.

5. Make sure you are posting regularly. A large amount of Facebook’s search results are made up of fresh content that has been generated within the last month.

Achieve More Conversions By Optimizing For Facebook Search

If you spend some time looking into how Facebook searches it’s internal content, you’ll find a lot of valuable data regarding what people are talking about and searching, what they like and dislike, and the different ways in which they can influence each other’s opinions.

Learning the specifics of Facebook’s recently improved organic search results will allow you to properly optimize for Facebook’s internal search. It is extremely important to determine exactly which areas are most beneficial to focus on in order to achieve the best results. Facebook provides us with some information about the ranking criteria. The new search algorithm will favour Facebook groups more than it has previously.