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Things To Include When Creating Quality Content

Quality website content is important when it comes to keeping customers engaged with your website. Below are a few things you should be including in your content that will help to keep potential customers on your website for longer.

Clear calls-to-action

The main purpose of a page should be immediately apparent to visitors. Think about what you want users who land on each page to do next. For example, if you want visitors to move to a specific products or services page next, make it easy for them to do that. Include a clear and prominent “View Our Products” link or button. If you want visitors to contact you for a quote, direct them to your contact form or include one in each page.

Use testimonials effectively

Most people are more likely to trust external reviews that reviews on your own website. But you can still use your testimonials to enhance your content. The most effective way to utilize testimonials on your website is to have them displayed alongside relevant content. For example, if you have a testimonial to display about how quickly one of your customers received the product they ordered, display it next to some content about delivery and shipping.

Customer reviews can also be useful when it comes to improving your local search relevance. If you have pages that target specific cities or areas, ask customers to provide their location when they are submitting a testimonial. That way you can include the appropriate testimonials on the corresponding location pages.

Make your content locally relevant

If your business operates primarily in a specific location, you can significantly increase your local relevance with your content as well as with testimonials. It is useful to tailor as much of your content as possible to relate to the local community. Having your sales team keep note of any questions they are often asked by customers and making sure to address as many of them as possible in your content can be a big help towards boosting your local relevance and potentially gaining a lot of loyal customers.

Provide information on pricing

A lot of companies avoid discussing the prices of their products and services on their websites. The issue with this is that most people are specifically looking for pricing information. Avoiding pricing information on your site can be a missed opportunity, as well as being a problem for potential customers who would prefer to know the price of your products or services before contacting you.

Providing information about your prices on your website is a good way to establish some trust with visitors. When you aren’t up front and clear about your prices, it can give the impression that you will charge as much as you can convince them to pay. Your company will look more trustworthy if you provide as much information as possible. This can also differentiate you from your competitors. If you are displaying pricing information and they are not, then you will be much more likely to receive calls from potential clients.

Keep your content well organized

The way in which you organize the content on your website can be as important as the content it’s self. If your content is poorly organized, visitors to your site will often have difficulty successfully navigating it and the search engines will have trouble identifying the most important pages. Assuring that the most crucial pages on your site are found easily, by having them in your main nav-bar, for example, will provide a positive user experience and increase the performance of those pages.

Internal linking is an important part of making your pages easy to find. A lot of businesses produce web content regularly in the form of additional pages or blog posts. It is a great idea to link any new pages or posts you create to existing pages that have relevant content.

If you make it a habit to include all of these things in your website content, you will eventually see improvements in the way customers interact with your site, how long they will stay, and the amount of business your website will generate for you.